Engines & Transmission

Used Parts or Rebuilt Parts, we have engines, transmissions, and heads ready to ship to you. Have your part delivered to your shop or come to our location and pick it up! From 2000 to the current model years we always have a good selection of used subaru parts in stock. We also have turbo rebuilt engines and transmissions available. Wiring harnesses for swaps available too!

Body Parts

We have tons of body parts. From a headlight or mirror all the way to a door, tailgate, or complete front nose. If you are looking for a exterior body part give us a call or email!

Interior Parts

While we may seem to deal mostly with the mechanical aspects of Subarus we also have thousands of interior parts. From Subarus from 1982 to current models we have many interior parts available. Dashes, instrument clusters, radios, airbags, seats, shifters, you name it we probably have the interior part you are looking for!

Tires & Rims

We have hundreds of used and new tires available in varying sizes. From truck tires to small vehicle tires give us a call. We also have alloy and steel rims for most Subaru vehicles from 14″ and up! Browse through our inventory or give us a call we’d be glad to assist you!

Looking for a used or rebuilt part? Contact us!

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